Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nursing Board Review: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice Test Part 1

July 2010 Nursing Board Exam Review Questions on Fundamentals of Nursing.
Mark the letter of your choice then click on the next button. Your score will be posted as soon as the you are done with the quiz. We will be posting more if this soon. If you want a simulated Nursing Board Exam, get a copy of our Nursing Board Exam Reviewer v1.0 and v2 now.
1.    Jake is complaining of shortness of breath. The nurse assesses his respiratory rate to be 30 breaths per minute and documents that Jake is tachypneic. The nurse understands that tachypnea means:

2.    The nurse listens to Mrs. Sullen’s lungs and notes a hissing sound or musical sound. The nurse documents this as:

3.    The nurse in charge measures a patient’s temperature at 101 degrees F. What is the equivalent centigrade temperature?

4.    Which approach to problem solving tests any number of solutions until one is found that works for that particular problem?

5.    What is the order of the nursing process?

6.    During the planning phase of the nursing process, which of the following is the outcome?

7.    What is an example of a subjective data?

8.    Which expected outcome is correctly written?

9.    Which of the following behaviors by Nurse Jane Robles demonstrates that she understands well th elements of effecting charting?

10.    What is the disadvantage of computerized documentation of the nursing process?

11.    The theorist who believes that adaptation and manipulation of stressors are related to foster change is:

12.    Formulating a nursing diagnosis is a joint function of:

13.    Mrs. Caperlac has been diagnosed to have hypertension since 10 years ago. Since then, she had maintained low sodium, low fat diet, to control her blood pressure. This practice is viewed as:

14.    Becky is on NPO since midnight as preparation for blood test. Adreno-cortical response is activated. Which of the following is an expected response?

15.    What nursing action is appropriate when obtaining a sterile urine specimen from an indwelling catheter to prevent infection?

16.    A client is receiving 115 ml/hr of continuous IVF. The nurse notices that the venipuncture site is red and swollen. Which of the following interventions would the nurse perform first?

17.    The nurse enters the room to give a prescribed medication but the patient is inside the bathroom. What should the nurse do?

18.    Which of the following is inappropriate nursing action when administering NGT feeding?

19.    A female patient is being discharged after thyroidectomy. After providing the medication teaching. The nurse asks the patient to repeat the instructions. The nurse is performing which professional role?

20.    Which data would be of greatest concern to the nurse when completing the nursing assessment of a 68-year-old woman hospitalized due to Pneumonia?

21.    During a change-of-shift report, it would be important for the nurse relinquishing responsibility for care of the patient to communicate. Which of the following facts to the nurse assuming responsibility for care of the patient?

22.    Which statement is the most appropriate goal for a nursing diagnosis of diarrhea?

23.    Which of the following is the most important purpose of planning care with this patient?

24.    Using Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs, which of the following nursing diagnoses has the highest priority?

25.    When performing an abdominal examination, the patient should be in a supine position with the head of the bed at what position?

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