Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nursing Board Review: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice Test Part 2

July 2010 Nursing Board Exam Review Questions on Fundamentals of Nursing.
Mark the letter of your choice then click on the next button. Your score will be posted as soon as the you are done with the quiz. We will be posting more of this soon. If you want a simulated Nursing Board Exam, get a copy of our Nursing Board Exam Reviewer v1.0 and v2 now.
1.  A patient is wearing a soft wrist-safety device. Which of the following nursing assessment is considered abnormal?

2.    Pia’s serum sodium level is 150 mEq/L. Which of the following food items does the nurse instruct Pia to avoid?

3.    Jason, 3 years old vomited. His mom stated, “He vomited 6 ounces of his formula this morning.” This statement is an example of:

4.    Which of the following is a nursing diagnosis?

5.    What is the characteristic of the nursing process?

6.    A skin lesion which is fluid-filled, less than 1 cm in size is called:

7.    During application of medication into the ear, which of the following is inappropriate nursing action?

8.    Which of the following is appropriate nursing intervention for a client who is grieving over the death of her child?

9.    It is the gradual decrease of the body’s temperature after death.

10.     When performing an admission assessment on a newly admitted patient, the nurse percusses resonance. The nurse knows that resonance heard on percussion is most commonly heard over which organ?

11.    The nurse is aware that Bell’s palsy affects which cranial nerve?

12.    Prolonged deficiency of Vitamin B9 leads to:

13.    Nurse Cherry is teaching a 72 year old patient about a newly prescribed medication. What could cause a geriatric patient to have difficulty retaining knowledge about the newly prescribed medication?

14.    When assessing a patient’s level of consciousness, which type of nursing intervention is the nurse performing?

15.    Claire is admitted with a diagnosis of chronic shoulder pain. By definition, the nurse understands that the patient has had pain for more than:

16.    Which of the following statements regarding the nursing process is true?

17.    Which of the following is considered significant enough to require immediate communication to another member of the health care team?

18.    To assess the adequacy of food intake, which of the following assessment parameters is best used?

19.    Van Fajardo is a 55 year old who was admitted to the hospital with newly diagnosed hepatitis. The nurse is doing a patient teaching with Mr. Fajardo. What kind of role does the nurse assume?

20.    When providing a continuous enteral feeding, which of the following action is essential for the nurse to do?

21.    Kussmaul’s breathing is;

22.    Presty has terminal cancer and she refuses to believe that loss is happening ans she assumes artificial cheerfulness. What stage of grieving is she in?

23.    Immunization for healthy babies and preschool children is an example of what level of preventive health care?

24.    Which is an example of a subjective data?

25.    The nurse is assessing the endocrine system. Which organ is part of the endocrine system?

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