Monday, July 5, 2010

GSN-International Skills Enhancement and Education Center (ISEEC) invites all nurses to attend their workshop entitled:

"Healthcare Management: Effective Team Dynamics in the Healthcare Setting Workshop" with PRC- CPE Units and International Standards
Effective Team Dynamics

A successful team doesn’t ‘just happen’. It’s rare for a group of individuals to work together without friction, and hoping that everything will simply just click into place when it matters simply isn’t going to work in the longer term. For a team to succeed, they need to continually practice and challenge their collaboration.

Only by constantly improving interactions and looking at the relationships between its members, can real teamwork be achieved. But when it does work, the rewards are significant. In fact, when a team works successfully and efficiently, everyone benefits. When synergy is created between its members, a winning team can truly perform better than the sum of its parts; far more than the individual members are capable of. It shows how to create strong bonds of mutual trust and respect between colleagues.

This will help you to:

* increase the productivity of your team
* establish a common purpose
* assume responsibility and accountability
* improve delegation skills
* develop the potential of people
* improve communication skills
* create mutual trust, support, and collaboration
* develop high-performance teamwork

Date: August 11, 2010 (8am-12pm)

Venue: Unit 502 Pacific Corporate Center 131 West Avenue Quezon City.

Ms. Grace S. Navea, RN, BSN, MBA, CPHM, Ph.D (President/CEO of

For inquiries and Reservation/Registration Pls. contact the following numbers:

* Globe - 09153787964,
* Smart- 09301832876
* Sun- 09334622474

Look for: Xomai, RN

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