Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Secret Nurses Must Know is in the open . . .  

What secret do we keep from the rest in the nursing community ( from student nurses , nurse educator and academician , nurse clinician) ? Perhaps, here you’ll find out what you are looking for . Would you allow those mysteries to hang in the air , or would you test if the myth is for real ? Would you let those secrets be kept in the hands of a few or would you indulge the benefits of this secrets ? Your interest will provide that answer. 

Is it just a myth , that books are meant for reading , and memorizing is another issue that is harder than reading , or could you demystify that myth , that you can read and effortlessly memorize if the challenging and difficult subjects in nursing is creatively presented in a logical and memory enhancing keys and phrases format ? 

Here , you’ll find that the myth to create a reader who can recall easily is what we objectify to be a reality. If the proof of the pudding is in the eating ,and the proof of the performance is in the service , then , the proof of knowing that this book is truly made to make learning easier is in reading it . Your choice will reward you 

In tribute to the first edition , comes the 2nd edition Master Psychiatric Nursing The Easy Way filled with secret mnemonics revealed , secret acronyms , secret patterns and codes inspiring easy recall .

The reinvention you deserved : 2nd Edition Master Psychiatric Nursing The Easy Way is produced by the premier and largest medical and nursing book publishing house in the country. The book contains 17 chapters , more than 100 acronyms , mnemonics , GEM treasure ( Good Examination Material ) ,a product intended to produce one outstanding result : Excellence in learning through uncomplicated recall of concepts . 

Everything from this book , presents an element to make you remember what you read instantly .As the name suggest “ The easy way” is a secret embodiment of technically complex and challenging abstract academic dissertation distilled and simplified to the very understandable essence of the classical indispensable foundational principles and concepts in psychiatric nursing 

Start unlocking new forms and style of memorizing nursing concepts , and techniques on taking board examination . This book contains the secrets that nurses must read and effortless recall .

The next big thing is out on June 2010 , 

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