Monday, June 7, 2010

NCP - Nursing Care Plan for Appendicitis

Nursing Diagnosis

1. Pain associated with incision wounds to the abdomen mesial area post surgery

Pain decreased / lost with

Results Criteria
Rilek looked and can sleep properly.


* Review the location of the pain scale, characteristics and reported pain relief with appropriate changes.
* Maintain a break with a semi powler position.
* Encourage early ambulation.
* Give your entertainment activities.
* Kolborasi team of doctors in the provision of analgesics.


* Useful in the supervision and efficient drugs, the healing progress, changes and characteristics of pain.
* Eliminate stress increased abdominal supine position.
* Improve organ function.
* enhance relaxation.
* The relief of pain.

2. Activity intolerance associated with the limitation of motion secondary to pain

Activity tolerance

Results Criteria
-client can move without restriction
-are not careful in moving


* Note the emotional response to mobility.
* Provide activities in accordance with the client state.
* Give clients to exercise passive and active motion.
* Help clients in conducting activities that burdensome.


* Immobilisasi forced to increase anxiety.
* Increasing organ kormolitas as expected.
* Improving body mechanics.
* Avoiding things that can aggravate the situation.

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